Welcome to the Fort Gibson Lake Association


We’re glad you’re here! We are working on building a site around our beautiful lake community, so please check back with us. In the meantime, look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 🙂

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fort Gibson Lake Association”

  1. I am not on Facebook, twiter, or instagram. I live in the Flatrock Creek area and am concerned that the Corps of Engineers gauge level reporting system is not jiving with the actual lake level by 15-20 inches.

    Trying to connect with others that may have more knowledge and detailed information than I have to see if this is likely or might just be my perception. With the lake being extremely low now, it accentuates the problems even more. I pulled 3 boaters off the lake last year with damaged props that should not have had level problems. Thanks Ken

    1. I’m sorry about that Ken. I double checked the number and it is working fine. It does ring a long time before the voice mail picks up – perhaps that is what happened? Lisa

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